Triangular Brush

Triangular brush are Annelie Fawke, Joanne Newman and Jojo Hynes.

Collectively we are interested in using and creating alternative networks, playing with hierarchies, and using humour and friendship to produce and disseminate work.


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The Legend of Síobhan – Claremorris Open Exhibition, selected by Tom Morton, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland


The Barbara Brush Calendar – Triangular Brush Calendar and Launch, 4COSE, London, hosted by Cullinan Richards for Women’s History Month, March 2016 (Becoming a Little Bit Barbara)


The Darker Half  – Triangular Brush Last Feast & Guising, Residency & Exhibition, 126 Gallery, County Galway, Ireland  (Art Jazz Band is Killed)

Artserella Lavoricious – Triangular Brush Makes-Over Arts Lav, Kennington, London

Pink Sole, A Concert of Artworks – Triangular Brush on Tour,  Residency, Events & Exhibitions at Labor Gallery, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest

Red & White: The Tabloid Edition – Triangular Brush Parasitic Publication for “STAGING the LIFE CLASS (through Maradona) – A project for Dorich House by CULLINAN RICHARDS”, 2015

Gold & Purple: The Patrons Edition – Triangular Brush Publication for Patrons

The Unofficial Parade – Triangular Brush Production, Group Show with A4 sounds at The Mart Gallery, Dublin

“her folds in pouches” – Triangular Brush Production & Publication, Art Birthday for the work of Jeni Johnson & Jenna Lee, Brockwell Park, London, 2015


After Hours,,, – Triangular Brush Office Christmas Party at Stratton and Reekie, Soho, London

Koejke – Broadway Studios Group Show, Tooting Broadway, London

Articles of Evidence – Triangular Brush Took 45 mins To Get All Dressed Up at Broadway Studios Group Show, Tooting Broadway, London

Fans Vs. Cheerleaders (with ‘Joannis’ Refereeing) – Triangular Brush as ‘House Band’ at The Vibe Bar, East London

The Queens Birthday (Australia) – Triangular Brush as ‘House Band’ at The Vibe Bar, East London (Art Jazz Band is Born)

Articles /

Triangular Brush: The Darker Half: A Residency of Destruction, Guising and Prediction, Once Darkness has Fallen, Quarterly Magazine, 126 Artist-Run Gallery, Galway, Ireland, 2016